New PC Setup and Virus Spyware Removal in Marin County, California

For many years our manufacturers’ representative company relied on Dbase IV for tracking customers, sales, and warehouse inventory. When it was finally time to join the modern world and switch to an up-to-date system, Jessie stepped in and showed us the advantages of Access. She has been invaluable in making this smooth transfer while helping us purchase new equipment and provide peace of mind with networking and a backup system. She checks in regularly to ensure that all is running smoothly and sees to it that new equipment meshes with our needs. We can highly recommend Jessie to any small business needing PC tech support or Access database design. She is a delight and personable and explains things in language we can understand.
Herb and Barbara Mooney, Mooney Industrials

New Computer Set-up:  I can recommend a new PC for you to purchase, and I will set it up for you and transfer your data from your old PC.  I will suggest the proper software & install either free or paid Anti-Virus & Spyware Sweepers on your PC and schedule them to run automatically.  I will set-up a backup system to an external hard drive and/or online backup service to give you peace of mind.

Data Transfer:  I can transfer your data from one PC to another, or from your PC to external hard drive for extra storage.  I can provide options for automatically syncing your data between devices.

Data Backup:  I will advise you on backup software and equipment and set-up your PC to automatically backup your data and set-up an online backup system for real-time backup.

Virus & Spyware Removal:  If your PC is infected with a virus or spyware and running slowly or displaying pop-ups, I can clean up the infection and provide on-going anti-virus and anti-spyware software to keep your system clean.

Repair your PC:  If your PC is running too slow, I can get it to operate faster, and make suggestions on upgrades to hardware to improve performance.  If your computer is too old, I will give you information and options you need to make an informed decision on a new PC.

Help with Devices:  I can recommend the best equipment for your needs:  whether it’s a printer or router or camera or phone.  I will install & configure these devices and give you simple instructions on how to use their features.

Phone Sync:  If you have a smart phone you need to learn how to use, I can help.  This includes if you need training on functions, set-up e-mail, synchronize your contacts to Gmail or sync your phone to your PC for backup.

Networking – Wired & Wireless:  I can provide home & business network setup, configuring a router and networking your PCs and Printers whether wired or wireless.

Software Recommendation & Training:  I can provide options for your business and home software needs.  I provide excellent training in all Microsoft Office products:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.  I also work with ACT! Contact Management System and basic QuickBooks.  I can also help you to manage your music and photos and offer support for other e-mail clients such as Thunderbird or Gmail.