Jessie has been taking care of me and my computers for many years, dealing with a wide range of software programs and equipment. She has saved my bacon more than once! She is very patient and knowledgeable. She has enabled me to do many more projects than I would have ever tried without her support. She has made me much more effective in my ventures.
Katherine Randolph

Welcome to the end of your computer problems! I help people use their computers effectively. That means PC set-up & configuration, installation & upgrades, troubleshooting when something goes wrong, data transfer & backup, spyware & virus software removal & protection, PC & software training and one-on-one support. I am also an ACT database specialist, and I can set-up & customize your ACT database, provide multi-user configurations and sync to remote PCs.

I am committed to leaving you in a better place than when you started with me.  I have been there before and I will run-down the solution no matter what it takes.  I explain the choices to your computer problems in non-technical language that you can understand.

I listen to my clients and assess their computer expertise.  I provide service and solutions with an enjoyable experience.  I am an excellent teacher, and I am happy to offer one-on-one trainings.  Everything I do is based on my core values of honesty and integrity.